Quantum Physics

Visual Design Educational Technology 2020

Challenge: Students struggle to understand and visualize quantum principles due to their highly abstract nature.

Solution: Designed and Developed Interactive web based visualizations as course material for EC 3040 Semiconductor Devices.

Impact: 4 interactive chapters were used by 100 students enrolled in EC 3040 over the fall semester 2020, to facilitate remote learning.

Georgia Aquarium
Predator Exhibit

UX Research UX Design 2019

Challenge: Alter the visitors’ perceptions of sharks from ‘fear’ to ‘fascination’ through Georgia Aquarium’s Predator Project.

Solution: Designed an interactive screen exhibit with a mobile-based interface, educating visitors about the role of sharks in the food chain and demystifiyng myths that make them scary.

ChargeIt: Battery
Management for e-Vehicles

Mobile UX Design Visual Design 2017

Challenge: Battery management and maintenance of e-vehicles is a big deterrent to their adoption in India, with owners having to plan their trips around power stations and battery consumption.

Solution: A mobile app, that ensures there is sufficient charge to complete intended trips, and issues warnings on low battery levels. It also acts as a facilitator between service stations and end-users.

Swasthyaa: A
TB Intervention

Interactive Voice Response User Testing 2018

Challenge: Non-adherence to Tuberculosis treatment in India is a major issue, as it causes the disease to become drug-resistant, often resulting in death.

Solution: Swasthyaa is a web and mobile-based service for health workers to monitor the progress of TB patients in real-time, and spread awareness.

Impact: The Government of Assam deployed the project in 3 rural districts, and has enrolled over 2000 at risk patients, and 300 positive patients.

Digital Threats
to Democracy

UX Design Data Visualization 2020

Challenge: Political Hate Speech and Misinformation on Facebook has been a violent issue in Myanmar.

Solution: Designed and developed AGGIE, a tool for tracking and classification of problematic posts related to the Myanmar General Elections 2020, using Tableau.

Impact: The tool is currently in use by 16 trackers in Myanmar and has helped in the identification of over 20,000 problematic posts.


Chrome Extension

Developed a chrome extension that helps you identify ways to contribute towards different movements that you come across your Twitter feed. Stood amongst the top 8 projects at HackGT. You can learn more about the project here.

Voice UI Design

Developed an Alexa skill for non-native English speakers to improve their vocabulary with an emphasis on pronounciation and usage. Watch me use this skill to prepare for the GRE. Won the Student Design Consortium at IndiaHCI 2018.

Game Design

Developed a Third Person RPG using Unity3D. The player, while caged in a booby-trapped arena, has to battle off medieval aliens using crowd control abilities, that change with time. Here is some Gameplay Video of the rougelike zombie mode game.


Explored the US Census Data to find out about different facets of the lives of people with disabilities. To communicate this story, we created a scrollytelling visualization. You can watch a video, or interact with the website.


I have a keen interest in the creation of digital products, often wearing many hats- from interviewing health workers in rural India to delivering pixel-perfect designs of data-driven dashboards. Many a time, I’ve even found myself burning the midnight oil to squish bugs in javascript, loving every bit of it.

My philosophy with respect to design involves including the user’s perspective and inculcating their feedback throughout the multiple stages - allowing me to design usable, enjoyable and ethical products. Additionally, working with data and coming up with effective visualizations, further helps me in drawing useful inferences. You can listen to me share my views on Infoviz, and my Degree in Design.

Outside of work, I'm a Gooner till I die, an amateur musician and a LoL AD Carry.