Since my childhood, I have been passionate about Problem Solving and Technology. This led me to pursue a Bachelor's in Design from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. Through multiple academic projects, I have developed a keen interest in UX Design and Research.

Currently attending Georgia Tech for an MS in Human-Computer Interaction, I am working to develop my skillset in order to contribute to the design of digital products. I believe that involving users in multiple iterations helps us design usable, enjoyable and ethical products.

I am also an avid coder, and love being involved in the development of solutions I have designed. I am enthusiastic about working with data and visualizing it to draw inferences. Outside of work, I'm a Gooner till I die, a crappy musician and an AD carry on League of Legends.

Currently working on...


SCD is a Facebook Group where South Asians living across the world, advertise the profiles of their single friends, in order to match them with potential partners. I am conducting interviews with participants, to analyze the characteristics of the platform as an online community.


Students often face difficulty in visualizing abstract concepts, such as those of quantum mechanics and atomic models. I'm currently designing and developing web-based visualizations for an undergraduate semi-conductor devices course to assist students in understanding concepts.


Textual data poses multiple difficulties for analysis but is becoming prevalent with the blurring of lines between humans and technology. In order to learn how to gather insights for design from textual data, I am currently working with data pertaining to ecoterrorism.